Scribe Writers Room - About Us

The world of storytelling is very exciting and can seem intimidating at times. But if you have an imagination and a desire to tell a story you can learn the skills you require.

Established early in 2017

The Scribe Writers Room has the goal of developing writers to enable them to develop and write original stories. Especially for drama and comedy television scripts, as well as feature film screenplays.

We started out running self-regulating Scribe Writers Room Workshops, where writers could experience the thrill, excitement and hard work involved in creating a television series. And we have now expanded into offering both packaged and bespoke learning solutions and consultations for creative craftsmen.

Screenwriters benefit from our workshops, regardless of their experience level.

Whether you want to learn the craft, improve your screenwriting skills, or interact with fellow writers we can help you. All you need is a passion for storytelling and a desire to learn.

The Scribe Writers Room believes that storytelling is a craft, and that craftsmanship is a journey not a destination.

Craftsmen approach their work with passion, commitment and attention to detail. We strive – through participation, collaboration and education – to cultivate writers that are able to create high quality stories and screenplays. Our approach is to expose participants to themes, concepts and skills that will equip them to face the challenges they face when writing.


Have you ever speculated what happens in a writer’s room? Are you curious about how decisions get made about story, episode structure and character arcs? Do you want to mingle with fellow writers, both more and less experienced than yourself?

If you want to develop your ability to think visually and learn to collaborate whilst creating stories, designing outlines and writing for both film and television, The Scribe Writers Room is for you. It is an  initiative designed to provide insight, resources, development opportunities and experience to screenwriters of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

Alumni of Scribe Writers Room Workshops leave with a valuable addition to their CV, and with practical experience that is impossible to gain outside of a writer’s room.


Whether you’re completely new to writing screenplays or you’re an experienced screenwriter looking to brush up on a specific technique or add a new skill. We have something for you, and if you can’t find what you need on the website, contact us and we’ll design a solution for you or offer you a one-on-one consultation.


We offer one-on-one consultations for any writing or production based issues, including legal guidance for any Intellectual Property (IP) matters, disputes and contract dilemmas or predicaments.

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Richard H Nosworthy

Richard H NosworthyVeteran Producer/Director/Writer  Richard has shot, directed, produced or written more than one thousand hours of programming for both South African and International broadcast television. His experience in genre is wide and varied, and includes Drama, Comedy, Documentary, Variety, Sport, Travel, soft News and Magazine, and Children’s Programmes. He has also worked extensively in Feature Films and on stage. His work has been nominated for, and won awards both locally and internationally. Richard is the recipient of two Writers Guild of South Africa awards, and provides legal guidance to both the WGSA Council and WGSA members. He also works as a consultant to both production companies and individuals in the film and television industry. He is proud to say that his latest project is this performance writer’s incubator; The Scribe Writers Room. A  project designed for both aspirant and experienced writers.