Richard the Scribe
Richard the Scribe

Producer-Writer-Director with well over 1 000 hours of programming for both South African and International broadcast television. His experience in genre is as wide and varied as the diverse styles he uses across his body of work which includes projects in television, feature films, documentaries and the theatre.

Drama Series 103

Experience what it is like to be part of a Writers Room   Applications have opened for the next Scribe Writers Room Workshop, which will start on the 4th March – the group will meet for 17 weeks on  Monday evenings from 19h00 – 22h00 in Melville Johannesburg. The cost is only R200.00 per week.  …

Advice on Writing Dialogue

The best advice on writing dialogue that I can give you is; don’t waste your time sitting in coffee shops listening to other people’s conversations. Contrary to what some experts will tell you, listening to people talk will not teach you how to write dialogue, it’ll only give you an insight into their private lives, (and a craving for more coffee).