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Experience what it is like to be part of a Writers Room


Applications have opened for the next Scribe Writers Room Workshop, which will start on the 4th March – the group will meet for 17 weeks on  Monday evenings from 19h00 – 22h00 in Melville Johannesburg. The cost is only R200.00 per week.  (To facilitate cash flow – pay each week.)


Gain practical writing knowledge that is impossible to obtain outside of a writer’s room.



Members of the workshop will together create a television series from scratch, starting only with a basic brief. They will develop, genré, story and characters, before designing the series and writing a pilot episode. They are guided through the process by a workshop facilitator who acts as the Head Writer and Show Runner.


Workshop facilitator Richard H Nosworthy speaking to writers at the Cherry Festival in Ficksburg




“… was a great learning curve. I have gained skills and tools that will help me develop my own concepts.”


“…the best part – creating characters, writing scenes and finally comparing and debating on them the following week – the arguing part was the most interesting.”


“I loved the fact that we had older writers, younger writers, different races and genders and a variety of points of view in the same room.”



Richard the Scribe

Richard is a Producer-Writer-Director that works in television, feature films, documentaries and the theatre. His experience in genre is as wide and varied as the diverse styles you will find across his body of work. He is the founder and show runner at Scribe Writers Room.
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