Guidance Overview

Need an Expert Opinion?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you are looking for an expert opinion about a screenplay you’re are writing or want to develop, or you would like to pick the brains of an experienced producer, who has the specialised knowledge that you need.


Either way I’m available to help you in any way I can. I have been active in the entertainment industry since 1976, working in all aspects of film, television and theatre. Every time that I think I’ve seen it all, (and it certainly feels like I have seen everything,) I’m presented with an original and exciting challenge. Time has taught me that every and anything is possible, but experience has taught me that sometimes all you need to deal effectively with situations that confront and challenge you, is some independent, professional guidance. A view from the outside looking it. And that’s what I’m offering you.


Whether you need feedback on a script that you have written, or are looking to develop some material or an idea, or are struggling with a tricky aspect of production I am only a call away. If all you need is to off-load and need someone to listen, I can do that. But if you need to discuss something important with someone who will understand and maybe throw in some advice before you take the next step… I can help you make that decision; get you started, or put you back on track and on your way to success.


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Richard H Nosworthy


is an experienced film & television hyphenate, that is Producer-Director-Writer, with more than 40 years of production experience in genres from low budget music videos to documentaries, corporates, big budget dailies and feature films. As an independent producer he has delivered content to all the major broadcasters in South Africa as well as numerous international customers. He created and produced the multi-award winning daily The Wild for MNet.