Advanced Screenwriting

A range of services are available to assist established and experienced screenwriters.


A001    One-on-One Writer Guidance

Writers often need impartial feedback on their work, or sometimes just someone to chat to and bounce things off. Feel free to contact us whatever your needs are.

A002     Legal Guidance

Need someone to check over your contract? Not sure about intellectual property rights? Don’t know if you need a lawyer? Chat to us.

A003     Table Reads

If you want to know how good your writing is, there is no better test than hearing the dialogue you have written spoken by actors. Let us arrange a table read for you. Costs are very reasonable, and we can try to meet most budgets. Chat to us about how it works for free.

A004    Bespoke Courses & Workshops

Let us design a solution for your writing woes. Whether it’s just for you, for a small group of key team members, or for a full writing team. We can facilitate understanding and clarity of purpose. Contact us for any help that you need – no problem is too big or too small. Confidentiality is assured.


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We reserve the right to postpone classes due to any reason whatsoever.  However, if this occurs you will be given the opportunity to accept a full refund or attend the class at the next opportunity. Scribe Writers Room does not offer NQF qualifications in terms of the South African Further Education and Training Act (Act 16 of 2006)