Basic Screenwriting

Basic Screenwriting classes focus on one aspect of the craft at a time and all 10 classes are held from time to time. Classes are however independent of each other and may be attended individually. We recommended that wherever possible beginner writers do the modules in order.

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B001   Writers Rights & Contract Basics for Performance Writers

B002     Screenplay Formatting

B003     Your Story; Genres, Loglines & the Premise

B004     The Script World & Voice

B005    Creating Characters

B006     Structure & Beats

B007    Setting a Scene & Introducing a Character

B008     Writing Action

B009     Writing Dialogue

B010     Your Audience


Learners who attend all 10 classes are eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement.


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We reserve the right to postpone classes due to any reason whatsoever.  However, if this occurs you will be given the opportunity to accept a full refund or attend the class at the next opportunity.  Scribe Writers Room does not offer NQF qualifications in terms of the South African Further Education and Training Act (Act 16 of 2006)