Only 75% of participants say that our workshops meet their expectations…

…the other 25% say they exceed their expectations!


Have you ever speculated what happens in a writer’s room? Are you curious about how decisions get made about story, episode structure and character arcs? Do you want to mingle with fellow writers, both more and less experienced than yourself?

If you are thick-skinned and want to develop your ability to think visually and learn to collaborate whilst creating stories, designing outlines and writing for both film and television, The Scribe Writers Room is an  initiative designed to provide you with insight, resources, development opportunities and experience.

Join other writers of diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and together you will create a television series from scratch starting only with a basic brief. Writers are guided through the process by a head writer and workshop facilitator.  You will develop, genre, story and characters, before writing a pilot episode together.

Alumni of the Scribe Writers Room Workshops leave with this valuable and worthwhile addition to their CV, having gained practical experience that is impossible to obtain outside of a writer’s room.

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“… was a great learning curve. I have gained skills and tools that will help me develop my own concepts.”

“I loved the chat… the cookies and sandwiches and coffee, and the best part – creating characters, writing scenes and finally comparing and debating on them the following week – the arguing part was the most interesting.”

“I really got to learn a lot as they (different people) brought their life experiences and life knowledge into the writing room and thus into the screenplay. It taught me a lot about writing…”

“I loved the fact that we had for e.g. older writers who would write from an ‘experience’ point of view vs Younger writers who would contribute more from a ‘modern’ point of view; different races who contributed from a racial and cultural point of view,  and at least one female and thus contributing from a gender point of view.”

“… the best part – creating characters, writing scenes and finally comparing and debating on them…”

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Please note that Scribe Writers Room Workshops are a group activity and when you apply to you must be available and willing to make a serious 20 week commitment to the other writers participating in the workshop. You are expected to attend and contribute every week, and there will be ‘homework’ to complete from time to time. Writers are expected to work in one of the standard writing software programmes such as Screenwriter, Final Draft or Trelby. Often tea, coffee and snacks are provided.

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We reserve the right to postpone workshops due to any reason whatsoever.  However, if this occurs you will be given the opportunity to accept a full refund or attend the class at the next opportunity. Scribe Writers Room does not offer NQF qualifications in terms of the South African Further Education and Training Act (Act 16 of 2006)