Scribe Writers Room Alumni

The Scribe Writers Room is proud of the projects completed by the teams of writers featured on this page. Each individual stayed with it for the many Monday nights that it took to create a television series and write the first episode. Well done guys!

Snakes & Ladders

When “the love of power” overcomes “the power of love”, everyone suffers.

Created by The Scribe Writers Room

Written by

J Hellberg, A Jansen van Vuuren, A Mukenge, RH Nosworthy, K Rampoporo & L Worster.

This is a 6 part, 52 minute mini-series (4 seasons planned & available,) which explores corruption in politics and the challenging change in family dynamics when a supportive, caring household is torn between worshiping God and worshiping money.  Can politicians be honest? In “Snakes and Ladders” we follow businesswoman Azizi Mkonto as she is seduced by status, enormous wealth and absolute power. Over the 24 episodes her growing hunger for political power destroys her family, and her need for revenge destroys her.


The proposal and first episode script is available to bonafide producers and broadcasters HERE


Fakt Chequers

Facts and truth really don’t have much to do with each other.


Fakt Chequers


In a world filled with fake news and alternative facts, an emotionally scarred, disbarred lawyer hides from her past working as the receptionist for a fact checking business. When a loan shark arrives to collect the money she owes him, he threatens to reveal to both staff and clients that she in fact owns the business. (A six part 52 minute Series)


Proposal and first Episode script available to bonafide producers and broadcasters HERE