The Scribe Story Workshop


Learn how to create a story and where best to locate it.

Acquire the skill to create leading characters that have purpose.

Discover the difference between obstacles and complications, and

Procure the ability to recognise and construct crucial structural beats.




Ever had an idea for a story, but didn’t know where to start? Or not had an idea so couldn’t start?


This workshop will ensure that you never struggle to take the next step again, and will empower you to create and generate rich meaningful stories, filled with conflict and populated with interesting characters that have purpose.


This outcomes-based workshop will help you discover and craft a process that will ensure that you will never struggle for ideas and unique stories ever again. It cultivates and encourages imagination, originality and creativity, and shows you how to become resource-full. It is especially helpful for screenwriters who may be looking for a different perspective on how to generate storylines and characters, and how to turn ideas into stories.


It is suitable for all writers from aspiring to professional and even for writers working in other mediums, such as journalists, playwrights or novelists, who wish to acquire an added skill.

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