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The Scribe Writers Room is an initiative to provide insight, resources, development opportunities and experience to screenwriters of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

The Writers Room

It all started over a year ago when I was asked about how a writers room works, and why there are no opportunities for writers in South Africa to get together to share ideas and write. And so a very rewarding journey began when I started a weekly workshop to cater for both established writers and aspirant writers. I found that by placing writers with various backgrounds and different skill levels in the same room, their creative juices began to stir and so the Scribe Writers Room was born.

Diversity Rules

Worldwide, and especially in South Africa, it is vitally important that the stories told on our screens, reflect the multiplicity of our audiences. The best way to do that honestly is to mix it up in our writing rooms; race, gender, education, income, disability. In fact any grouping that can or has experienced any form of discrimination at any time, always adds a perspective in the room that is not only eye opening for the group, but valuable when included in the screenplay. The more diverse the writers, the richer the script that grows from their interaction.

Many television screenplays – for a range of reasons – are not written using a writers’ room. This robs writers of the experience, and the valuable writing tools gained when “locked in a room together” with other writers to write.

A Webhome for Writers

Now, after nearly two years of workshops, I am proud to announce the birth of The Scribe Writers Room website. A place where both aspiring and professional writers working in film and television can find resources and discuss issues that are relevant to screenwriters everywhere.

I look forward to receiving your feedback and hope to be able to answer your questions. Check out my list of competitions for screenwriters. Also look out for news of when we will start looking for the new intake of writers for our next Scribe Writers Room Workshop.



“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.” – Richard Bach

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