What is the SciFi genre?

Science fiction typically deals with the impact of actual or imagined science upon society or individuals.

It often extrapolates and explores the impact of technology and the potential consequences of scientific, social, biological, mechanical and technological innovations and advancement.  Narrative content frequently includes concepts such as living in the future, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, and extra-terrestrial life.

There are many SciFi sub-genres; here are some of the more common ones.



These stories deal with a catastrophic event that devastates the earth and can be considered a disaster for the future of humanity.

The Day After Tomorrow



Set in a post-industrial dystopian future where daily life has been impacted and is dominated by rapid technological change, frequently in the form of computer technology. The social order features advanced technology such as artificial intelligence and cybernetics combined with a degree of lawlessness and radical change. Protagonists are often marginalized, alienated loners who live on the edge of society.

Blade Runner



Dystopian stories are set in an imagined state or society where there is great suffering or injustice. They typically feature a world that has an oppressive government or religion that dehumanizes its citizens.




Tech Noir, (aka dark movies,) are set in either the real world of computers and high technology, or in the virtual landscapes of a techno-generated underworld. Narratives treat technology as a destructive and dystopian force that threatens every aspect of our reality.

Minority Report



It attempts to realistically portray the military within a futuristic setting, stories depict the struggles of soldiers in combat with human beings or other species, caught up in warfare and carnage and/or facing technologically advanced weaponry and vehicles.

Characters are typically military personnel, and wars are decided by the heroic actions of individuals who are well rewarded for their sacrifices.

Edge of Tomorrow



These stories focus on a showdown between man and beast.  The beast or monster can be alien, developed in a lab, a by-product of science run amuck or even man-made, but they are all a threat to human life.

Jurassic Park



These stories deal with the aftermath of a catastrophic event that devastates humanity, and usually document the journey and consequences faced by characters who survive an apocalyptic event.

Mad Max



Punk is largely characterised by an attitude of defiance and/or rejection of mainstream society, the promotion of individual freedom, a rebellious spirit and a do-it-yourself ethic.

Characters generally do not fit in with the main stream community and want to be set apart. They are non-conformist, anti-authoritarian, anti-corporations, anti-consumerist and anti-establishment.

How To Talk To Girls At Parties



These mostly feature a show-down between man and robot in a technologically advanced world where the tech might have advanced but society has not.

I Am Mother



Space operas are melodramatic action adventures on a galactic scale that embrace a theme of human expansion and the triumph of mankind in space against an unknown and uncommonly hostile frontier. Conflict between opponents typically involves powerful technologies and superhuman abilities.

Characteristically optimistic in tone, they are frequently a moral exploration of contemporary social issues and include a rugged explorer who takes civilization, war and romance with him wherever he goes.

Star Wars



Although traveling through space is a part of many Sci-Fi sub-genres, the Space Travel sub-genre deals more specifically with stories that specifically focus either on the journey of mankind through space, or space exploration by man.




Steampunk is inspired by technology created during the 19th century and the industrial revolution and usually set in some alternate universe or revision of the 1800s, past or future, where steam power remains in mainstream use.

The City of Lost Children



As the name suggests, these stories involve travelling through time, either backwards or forwards or both.

Back to the Future



Utopia is an imaginary community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its members, and Utopian SciFi is set in or about such societies.

Logan’s Run

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